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Line Dance Glossary

Every hobby has it's own language, and line dancing's just the same!

You'll learn sets of steps, called a "dance".  Each dance has a name, e.g. "Live, Laugh, Love".

Each dance combines steps you will already know (or quickly learn).  For example, a "grapevine" means "side, cross behind, side".  If you need help with these, try our Basic Steps document, or try this longer glossary.

Most dances are either "Two wall" or "Four wall".  In a two wall dance, you start the pattern of steps facing either the front or the back.  In a four wall dance, you begin each pattern facing either the front, back, or (imagine the room is a clock face) 3 o'clock or 9 o'clock.

Most beginner dances are 32 counts or less - that is, four sets of 8 steps.  There's usually a lot of repetition in beginner dances, too.

One key tip: think about where your weight is!  If your weight is on your right foot, you can't go anywhere on right - you have to use left.  When your instructor tells you "weight is now on right" check yours is on right - it will make the dance miles easier.

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