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Useful links

The links below are offered to help you enjoy your dancing.  If you find one that doesn't work, please email Sarah!

Line Dancing Links

Free steps sheets from Copperknob

For a list of classic dances, see Tradline

Dances, choreographers, live acts, and much more, on Everything Line Dance



Special dance shoes from Bloch - these have special fabric to keep your feet cool, plus supportive soles with a "spin spot".

For cowboy boots, try ebay!  Look for a cuban (angled) heel.

US site Sheplers has an impressive range, as do the Boot Barn - remember to add 2 to the size (e.g. UK size 6 = US size 8). 

Local information

Iron Acton

Frampton Cotterell Village Action

Frampton Cotterell general information

My Thornbury

My Yate

My Sodbury

Standbrook Guides

If you'd like to order one of our club shirts - they cost £14 and come in a wide range of sizes.  Email Elaine to order.

Helping each other...

If you are a regular member and you'd like to promote your business here, please let me know.  E.g. if you are an Avon lady and you'd like to meet your friends at class and deliver their orders - that's fine by me.





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