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Your first class

Here's what to expect at your first class...

Classes last an hour.  At the beginning, dancers form into lines.  Find a spot in the middle of a line, in the middle of the floor.

Sarah will welcome you and make any announcements, then teaching begins.  You'll be taught a sequence of steps, called a "dance".  (Each dance has a name, e.g. the Cowboy Charleston, or the Blue Night Cha.)  Once you have mastered the steps, we'll put the music on.  Sarah will count you in (usually with 5, 6, 7, 8) then you dance the steps, repeating the same steps over and over again.  Sarah will call reminders of the steps, until you can remember them all confidently.

If you make a mistake, don't worry.  We all do it, and it doesn't matter!  What matters is that you enjoy yourself.

If you can't remember some steps - just join in again when you do recognise a section.  Soon, all the bits you remember will join up.  Don't give up!!

We generally do around 5 dances per class.  The first one will be a warm-up, the last one a cool-down.  Each one will be taught to you, every week.  We don't expect you to remember dances week-to-week.  You don't have to practice (although, if you want to, see the News page for links to steps and videos.)


The main thing is, Enjoy Yourself!

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