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Line Dance Etiquette

Please don't think of these as "rules"... more "manners".

They are just guidelines, and they're here to help you enjoy your dancing.


  • Never walk through a block of dancers.

  • Don't bring food or drink onto a dance floor.

  • When someone's dancing, don't interrupt them.  They are probably concentrating!

  • Be kind to beginners.  We were all beginners once!

  • Dance the first four walls without any variations.  After that, feel free to improvise.

  • Be considerate of others.  That way, we all have a great time!

  • Sometimes, we need to share a dance floor with partner dancers.  They have right of way, and they will dance anti-clockwise around the outside of the floor.  Line dancers in the middle of the floor - keep your steps small.

  • If there's a tricky dance being danced, it's acceptable to "split the floor" and dance something easier.  Usually, the easier dance will be danced at the back.

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