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Reviews and dancers' comments

We only publish comments with permission.  If you'd like to comment, we really appreciate the feedback.  Email Sarah!

"After a particularly stressful time in my life, the lovely laughter in line dancers made me feel so welcome when I tentatively walked in alone for my first class and I now really look forward to my Mondays and Thursdays. Wish I'd done it sooner."

"I enjoy coming to class on Thursdays and always look forward to seeing you. It's always good fun and good to get out for an evening. Can't believe I've been coming for almost 10 years."

"Laughter in Line is my happy place."

"Line Dance is fun and as members of the 'older generation' we realise the importance of keeping the body and mind active.  And believe me, Line Dancing achieves both of these!  Let your mind wander and you find yourself facing a line of very baffled dancers!"

"A brilliant way to exercise, have fun and make lots of new friends."


‘I have missed my new found ability to 'move' to music, this I know I have only achieved due to your relaxed and friendly approach to teaching and of course, your patience.  I would encourage anyone who thinks they will never grasp it to persevere as it will eventually "click"!"  Judy

"Thank you so much for all the dancing and fun you give us every week. It's a real pleasure to come along. I'm hooked!  I wish I could remember all the steps, but it doesn't matter, I really enjoy myself."  Sue G


"Your happy smiley face and light-hearted attitude makes the class for me. I feel so contented when I'm dancing and it's a great stress reliever." Lin


"Your classes have rekindled my joy of dancing and given me so much pleasure. I've never met a friendlier group of people and you know why that is? Yours and your Mum's wonderful smiles and warmth." Gill


"I look forward to every Thursday - the fabulous music and the lovely people make it a heart lifting, fun evening- not to mention keeping us all fit. Keep up the good work, Sarah. Thursday evenings would not be the same without you." Anita


"I just wanted to say 'thank you' for your brilliant teaching this year. It's lovely to come and enjoy some gentle exercise and a laugh with such a friendly bunch of people. Your teaching and encouragement to us all is very much appreciated."  Angela


"Thank you for the enjoyment I've had from your teaching.   It's an utter joy to be back dancing, even though I'm not as energetic or nimble as in the past. Perhaps I will work up to the second class in time - for now, I'm just loving moving to music again.  The walk-throughs are so clear - you make it so enjoyable and there's such a happy, friendly feel to the class." Gill C


"Thank you for your support and kind words during the year - your class has certainly "Turned my frown upside down"... it's the best thing I've ever done...!"


​​"Thank you soooooo much for a really happy and fun night last Thursday.
All the linedancers are such friendly folk and a joy to be with.
Thank you (and your wonderful Mum) for giving  me such fun at the lessons.
I find the evenings so lifting and I arrive home with a real  feel good factor feeling.
It's so beneficial to dance  especially when we laugh so much in line!!!!!!"  Marion

Laughter in Line not only teaches Line Dancing but it is also tremendous fun with lovely friendly people.  A great social atmosphere with a fantastic teacher.  As the name suggests it is truly 'Laughter in Line'.  I would wholeheartedly recommend the Club.  Anne W

Can't tell u enough how your night cheers me up. Suffer a lot with stress but on a Thursday night I can forget all my troubles and LAUGH!

I look forward to coming to your classes & I enjoy them, as you are a very good instructor that makes it a fun evening.  Andy

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy my Thursday nights at your L/D, you are a fantastic instructor and so patient, I may not be very good but am never made to feel a fool everyone is so helpful, we have a good laugh, I never make any other plans for a Thursday night as I would not enjoy anything else as much!  Rosemary S

Wasn't it fun last night .... it is such a great evening.  The ladies are lovely, the dancing is fun and a bit of exercise and you are the lovely topping on the top of cake that just makes it a perfect evening.  Sharon

I enjoy your classes so much, you are so patient and the class is just great, I have made some lovely friends through your class - it is truely lovely and Im so glad I came to your class nearly two years ago.  Thank you.  Sue D

"Good fun, good exercise, good for meeting new friends, a lovely night out."  Kathy

"Simply an evening of fun with great music, with people who enjoy dancing and making friends.  Nowhere I would rather be on a Thursday evening, summer or winter."  Myra

And to end, a lovely, longer review from Liz, who says:

"I joined Laughter in Line two years ago and I love it so much that I hate to miss a class.  I have never come across a friendlier group of ladies (and gents!).  Everyone is so helpful and when I do make a mistake nobody minds and we usually end up laughing about it.

It's a great way to exercise your body and your brain as you try to remember the steps and you get a real sense of achievement when you master each dance.  It's also a great way to set aside your worries for an hour or so as you are so busy concentrating on what your feet are doing that there is no time to think of anything else!

Our amazing teacher, Sarah, has us dancing to all kinds of music .... country, yes, but also Kylie Minogue, Michael Jackson, Olly Mears to name just a few.

So come along and join us.  You'll receive a warm welcome and if you decide it's not for you then, hey, at least you gave it a try, you had a laugh and no doubt made some friends along the way."


Thanks, everyone!
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